Blogs are hard

I do still update on my other blog, but the knitting blog has been left floundering.  

I am still knitting. A lot. And studying! I’ll just leave these photos here. 

It’s a circular table cloth but I’m going to give it to Alexandros as a blanket. I’m using merry go round acrylic by style craft and 5mm needles. 

To begin with it was small

And after the first ball it was colourful and 75cm across!

I’m now onto the second ball and it’s stalling. I don’t want to know how many stitches I’m working with. 


Spinning around

This blanket is still growing but it seems to have slowed in the last few days with my studies and moving. I’m really proud of what I’ve done so far. entirely using acrylic leftovers from old projects. I pointed some of these out other day. 

Odds and sods blanket

Destash with a blanket

The building where I live is slowly but surely falling down, and next week I’ll be moving into a new one. I want to  destash as much as possible before then though. Which has lead to a few hats, and a couple of unfinished toys. But then I found all my little scraps, the buts too big to throw away but too small to do much with. I don’t like waste, so I wanted to make some kind of blanket. I’d started something similar at the end of 2014 but ended up leaving it at my mum’s house. I figured I’d go for it because if I don’t get it big enough I can add to it as I finish each project.  

At the beginning.

Overall the pattern is fairly simple. It’s free too. You can get it here if you’re intersted. I like this kind of thing because I can. Put it down and pick it up again. Rest for courses and travelling. 

This is where I am now.

This is what I’m carrying around in my bag.


I like this, the colour changes keep it bright and lively.  I’ve also got some yarns that in just not keen on in here. 

RIP funny little elf hat, hello rainbow!


Rainbow Dash, and myself, with matching hats.

My rainbow elf hat. A wonder to behold, and I’m sure it made people laugh as I got the metro at 6am. But whatever.

A while ago I had a pregnant friend, she’s now had a healthy baby girl, and I can’t remember the kid’s name. Oops. Did I even ask what she was called? Hm. Anyway, I knitted her a little hat, but I liked this hat a lot so I gave it to Rainbow Dash, promising myself I’d knit her another one, after I’d knitted myself one of these rainbow elf hats. Then I thought it would be weird to have me and her baby in the same hat, so I just gave her a pink one and a headband. Sorted.

And on the 18th of December, somewhere between the port and the boat, I lost my hat. Lost, gone. I was on the phone to my mum telling her I’d got the boat okay, when I went to take off my hat and it wasn’t there. But to be honest I was going to make a new one with the colour wheel I had for Christmas, but I’d rather have had my two hats than just the one.

Also, my head is cold because I only came with one hat.


This is the colour wheel I’ve got.

I did start on the hat very quickly, but I’ve only done 7 of the 22 colours, so it’s taking a while. I do really love the colour range in this yarn though, it’s a DK acrylic and is very cheap. Stylecraft Special can be bought here for under £2 at Deramores, and while it’s not great for big long life projects, it’s great for kids clothing, toys, accessories. At the end of the day it’s just a cheap acrylic.

Also, this was meant to be a Christmas present, until the disaster with my hat happened.