2015 ramble

So it’s now 2015. A new year, I could set myself new knitting challenges. Like actually finishing the last project before starting a new one.

52 socks? Sounds doable, or 52 hats. One a week. But would I get fed up with it? Hats I can imagine I’d keep going, and it would mean I’ve got enough Christmas presents, but second sock syndrome makes me apprehensive.

Or I could aim to finish one thing a week. Ha, a jumper in a week.

I’d like to make 12 pairs of socks this year, one a month. So if I do one hat and a pair of socks per month that’s 24 things a year, and that would give me time to do things like jumpers for Alexandros. I’m more leaning to this idea where I’ll be studying again and hoping to get a job once I’ve finished that in July.

My main wooly resolution should be to buy no more wool until I’ve knitted all of this lot. Although I think I’ll go look in the sales at Phildar, but after that I’m done. I’d love more cotton, for another Heliopath vest, even though I’ve not finished the in progress one. But we’ll see.

This blog is now around a year old. So it would be interesting to see how it grows in the next year. It’s also interesting to imagine where I’ll be in a year, I’m just hoping I’ll have enough money coming in so I can get my own flat and I’m not in this hopeless shelter this time next year. Either French Hogmanay is bad or the party they took us to was. Either way, I want to move on and I’m fed up with being told I shouldn’t.


And for those of you who remember this. Yes, I finished the hat. I’ve not blogged it yet. I left the 22 balls in the UK.

My main temptation is to buy this colour wheel again.

I finished my Heliopath Vest!

Hanging up and ready to wear. My finished Heliopath Vest.

So there it is. Finished. Done. Sewn in all ends. Worn it.

It’s crazy but this is the first big thing I’ve made for myself in the three years I’ve been knitting. And I’m so proud of it too. It’s not the first thing I’ve made for myself, I’ve done hats, gloves, socks, but I did more things for my kids. And this didn’t actually take too long. The stitch pattern with eyelet lace and cables also kept me amused and the fact it’s a vest means it finishes very quickly. I probably could have done it in two weeks if I hadn’t got distracted by socks.

No makeup, early morning photo.

I used Stylecraft Merry Go Round which I got when I was last on holiday in the UK, around June. I loved the colours, but wasn’t keen on using a 100% acrylic yarn, I’m not that impressed by them, I prefer wool…. But the colours! And it was cheap. I can’t remember how much I paid exactly, I think it was £3 a ball, you can get it here from Deramores for £3.50, which is a great price for something so soft! You get nearly 300m for a 100g ball, and I used just over one for this vest.

And the thing I’ve noticed about this rainbow colour, my shade was actually called rainbow, it goes with nearly every skin tone and with most things, jeans, denim skirts, white shirts, black trousers. It works!

And the pattern is the Heliopath Vest from the Harry Potter Knits that was published in 2013. This is a link to the Ravelry page for more information about the pattern.


A photo of me wearing this with a yellow vest top and a mini skirt. Not bad with the vest top…

When it gets to winter I really want to try this over some V necked long sleeved tops, it looks great over shirt collars though.


A nice photo of it laid flat

I wish there was some shaping around the waist, I’ve got a nice silloutte so personally I’m wanting it. I also changed the order of picking up the stitches, doing the button band before the neckband and I love the way it looks! I think the changing colours really add something special to this pattern.


And the buttons

And the buttons. Nothing special, no idea when or where they came from. I stole them from my mother’s button box, there were only six and THANKFULLY this only had six button holes. I had to go right through my box of stolen buttons to find some. I thought purple would look nice. I used blue threat as well too.



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Alexandros’ ear hat

Finished! Katia darling scarf

Yay! I finished something, well something small. I had a ball of Katia darling given to me by my mum, she saw the rainbow colours and thought of me but saw the price and only got one ball. It costs something like £5 so I understand her reasoning.


The hardest thing was to decide what to make with only one ball, a scarf? A shawl? Buy more wool? I wanted to buy more wool, but I’ve not got money, and I’m very impatient. This yarn was too tempting!


I read the ball band for the needle recommendations, grabbed my 3mm needles and got knitting. This isn’t the first time I’ve used a wool content yarn, for Christmas I made my mum a Katia Inca beret, but working on wool this fine was a lovely experience. It felt nice to knit, watching the colours change was pleasant too.
Overall this is one of my favourite little projects.


The scarf grew relatively quickly and was finish a day after starting.


Eventually it got very wide so I transfered it onto a circle needle, still working flat. This was when I noticed the drape.


Sadly it was finished all too soon, but I was excited to see the finished result! I cast off using a 4mm needle and sewed in my ends. I tried the scarf on and it’s a little short, but somehow works okay.


I’ve been tying it in a knot and letting it hang, it’s lovely.

I’m definitely asking for this yarn again, for socks and a shawl at least. It’s really soft too.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have about my knitting, leave me a comment.

Knitted octopuses again?


This is a sneak peak of my next pattern. A little doudou comforter for Sandy. I’ve made an octopus and blanket, with his initial but I’ve not got a finished photo.

I’ll post one soon, I’m having a big adjustment at the moment. I’ve left hospital and moved back to Paris.

Tracery vest from unofficial Harry Potter knits


I really love this vest, from the moment I saw it I’ve wanted to make it. I don’t know what I love, I’m not keen on their glass colour, but I love this.

It’s worked on 3mm needles with 4ply yarn. This didn’t put me off for once, normally I’m less keen on 4ply because it is so slow. It’s also worked in the round, but I wasn’t bothered about that.
The belly is 2 colour rib, a simple yet stunning technique that I’ll want to use again. The chest is fair isle, a 30 stitch symmetrical repeat so fairly easy.


This is the yarn I chose, phildar detente. Its around 2,50€ a ball, I bought four of each colour but only needed three main colour and two contrast. I like having extra to work with. It’s a stretchy soft acrylic mix.


And it knits very quickly, rounds seem less tiring than rows. I’d done about 5cm before I ended up hospitalised for depression. I really want to get back to knitting it.

2014, a new year and a new blog

Baby monster and monster mum

Baby monster and monster mum


I already have a blog. So why am I starting another one? Well, this is my forth blog, but my last one has just got a little messy. I’m not abandoning it, I will still write there. This blog is for posts that I am proud of. Not my depressing rants and garbage like that.

My mum’s blog is hosted on wordpress and looks much neater than my blogspot. The community seems nicer too.

So who am I? What do I write about? My name is Andi, I’m 20, I’m a young, single parent. I’ve had two sons, my first when I was a teenager at 17, my second at 19, but at the moment I’ve only got my second. I’m from the UK, but I’m living in France with Sandy, and Neil is somewhere with his dad. I mainly write about my parenting choices, and mum things like nappies, and toys. Sometimes I write about knitting or sewing too.

Sandy is almost 13 months old, he’s still breastfed, he doesn’t cry much. And he has a big, fat cloth bum. He’s a very social, energetic little boy who crawls everywhere and gets into everything.