Christmas is coming

I am so not prepared!

Christmas is coming, and I’ve got very little money to get presents.

I’ve worked out the best way I can deal with this is spending the money I’ve got on wool and making presents for people, but that’s a lot of people I’ve got things to make for.

Wait, how did I even get this many friends?!! Oh, right, church.

So if I only gift for people who’ve bought me lunch there’s at least 7. Possibly more. Ack.

Ladi, Tabitha, Mamie and her husbund, Melodie, Tabitha, Tabitha, some random friend of Melodie’s whose name I’ve forgotton, another woman whose name I’ve forgotton, Christina, Marie-Jo, Ana, and I’m sure there’s others.

And Tabitha bought me lunch like 3 times! So that merits at least a Gusto Cowl.

So if I round it out to 10 people I need to gift, yeah, let’s say 15. Just to be safe. That’s 15 things I need to make, and 15 different things because I can’t just make the same hat for them and hope they’ll not notice.

And I’ve only got odd wool to work with. Hm.

Looks like it’ll be a mixture of toys and hats and things this year. Yay! So now I need to go pattern hunting. Oh dear…