Striped hat with chevrons

A new slouchy hat

I made another new thing! A little slouchy hat for a friend. Sadly I didn’t think too much about getting photos of it, I just made it and gave it away a few days later.
At church loads of people have bought me lunch or given me things, and I’ve not really got enough money to return the favour, so I’m knitting gifts which is one thing I can do for almost cheap. The yarn is actually left over from my rainbow elf hat, did I even blog that? And I’ve still got some more so they’ll be at least one more gift out of that!

I used Phildar Charly, Iliade and Partner 3,5, it’s a French yarn, but I think you can get them from Deramores. By far Iliade is my favourite, Charly is a good all round acryilc though, but Partner 3,5 isn’t that impressive to me, it was the best shade of green I could find in the shop.

And a preview of the stitch pattern of chevron stripes.

I used this pattern from Ravelry, Zig Zag Chevron Hat by Ashlee Schleicher, it’s a free pattern but I found it a little weird to follow, although I did manage it. I also did it in three colours instead of two. I did like the pattern, but probably won’t be making another one.

And in the end I did add a pompom, I just haven’t got a photo of it. It was a mix of the three colours and finished it off nicely.