2015 ramble

So it’s now 2015. A new year, I could set myself new knitting challenges. Like actually finishing the last project before starting a new one.

52 socks? Sounds doable, or 52 hats. One a week. But would I get fed up with it? Hats I can imagine I’d keep going, and it would mean I’ve got enough Christmas presents, but second sock syndrome makes me apprehensive.

Or I could aim to finish one thing a week. Ha, a jumper in a week.

I’d like to make 12 pairs of socks this year, one a month. So if I do one hat and a pair of socks per month that’s 24 things a year, and that would give me time to do things like jumpers for Alexandros. I’m more leaning to this idea where I’ll be studying again and hoping to get a job once I’ve finished that in July.

My main wooly resolution should be to buy no more wool until I’ve knitted all of this lot. Although I think I’ll go look in the sales at Phildar, but after that I’m done. I’d love more cotton, for another Heliopath vest, even though I’ve not finished the in progress one. But we’ll see.

This blog is now around a year old. So it would be interesting to see how it grows in the next year. It’s also interesting to imagine where I’ll be in a year, I’m just hoping I’ll have enough money coming in so I can get my own flat and I’m not in this hopeless shelter this time next year. Either French Hogmanay is bad or the party they took us to was. Either way, I want to move on and I’m fed up with being told I shouldn’t.


And for those of you who remember this. Yes, I finished the hat. I’ve not blogged it yet. I left the 22 balls in the UK.

My main temptation is to buy this colour wheel again.

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