Tracery vest from unofficial Harry Potter knits


I really love this vest, from the moment I saw it I’ve wanted to make it. I don’t know what I love, I’m not keen on their glass colour, but I love this.

It’s worked on 3mm needles with 4ply yarn. This didn’t put me off for once, normally I’m less keen on 4ply because it is so slow. It’s also worked in the round, but I wasn’t bothered about that.
The belly is 2 colour rib, a simple yet stunning technique that I’ll want to use again. The chest is fair isle, a 30 stitch symmetrical repeat so fairly easy.


This is the yarn I chose, phildar detente. Its around 2,50€ a ball, I bought four of each colour but only needed three main colour and two contrast. I like having extra to work with. It’s a stretchy soft acrylic mix.


And it knits very quickly, rounds seem less tiring than rows. I’d done about 5cm before I ended up hospitalised for depression. I really want to get back to knitting it.

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