Fish hat photos.


Sorry I’ve not posted this week. I’ve had another horrible winter cold, dehydration, and my son has lost weight.
He’s always been thin, and growing slowly, recently he’s been losing weight and last week he fell off the growth charts. He commonly refuses to eat too. The only possible diagnosis I’ve had so far is infant anorexia. The doctor at the hospital today tried to pass it off as nothing because he’s a very happy, active boy. We’ve got an appointment in a fortnight, so I’ll know more then.
We’ve got a pushchair now so going out is easier. He loves it. I’m sure I’ll miss baby wearing though, I’m hoping when I get money I can buy a proper mei tai or something.

Anyway! Enough of the mummy rambling.
I’ve not had much luck knitting recently, I want to make a shawl, but I’m struggling with the lace, I keep losing count of stitches. I tried making some mitts, but dropped a stith, so all I have finished at the moment is this dead fish hat.
I’m not sure what to make next, even though my ravelry queue is already 2 pages long.






If you want the pattern it should be findable by googling dead fish hat knitted pattern. I’m sorry I can’t remember the name, you can also find this on ravelry. I modified it a lot for my one year old. I’m really pleased with how it turned out, everyone else seems to like it too. And it’s a great stash buster, I made mine from off acrylic wool.

Sadly I’m missing an action shot.


I went to find the pattern, to save everyone time. Here it is!

And my ravelry page is here.


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