I finished my Heliopath Vest!

Hanging up and ready to wear. My finished Heliopath Vest.

So there it is. Finished. Done. Sewn in all ends. Worn it.

It’s crazy but this is the first big thing I’ve made for myself in the three years I’ve been knitting. And I’m so proud of it too. It’s not the first thing I’ve made for myself, I’ve done hats, gloves, socks, but I did more things for my kids. And this didn’t actually take too long. The stitch pattern with eyelet lace and cables also kept me amused and the fact it’s a vest means it finishes very quickly. I probably could have done it in two weeks if I hadn’t got distracted by socks.

No makeup, early morning photo.

I used Stylecraft Merry Go Round which I got when I was last on holiday in the UK, around June. I loved the colours, but wasn’t keen on using a 100% acrylic yarn, I’m not that impressed by them, I prefer wool…. But the colours! And it was cheap. I can’t remember how much I paid exactly, I think it was £3 a ball, you can get it here from Deramores for £3.50, which is a great price for something so soft! You get nearly 300m for a 100g ball, and I used just over one for this vest.

And the thing I’ve noticed about this rainbow colour, my shade was actually called rainbow, it goes with nearly every skin tone and with most things, jeans, denim skirts, white shirts, black trousers. It works!

And the pattern is the Heliopath Vest from the Harry Potter Knits that was published in 2013. This is a link to the Ravelry page for more information about the pattern.


A photo of me wearing this with a yellow vest top and a mini skirt. Not bad with the vest top…

When it gets to winter I really want to try this over some V necked long sleeved tops, it looks great over shirt collars though.


A nice photo of it laid flat

I wish there was some shaping around the waist, I’ve got a nice silloutte so personally I’m wanting it. I also changed the order of picking up the stitches, doing the button band before the neckband and I love the way it looks! I think the changing colours really add something special to this pattern.


And the buttons

And the buttons. Nothing special, no idea when or where they came from. I stole them from my mother’s button box, there were only six and THANKFULLY this only had six button holes. I had to go right through my box of stolen buttons to find some. I thought purple would look nice. I used blue threat as well too.


15% off of King Cole yarn

King Cole is one of my go to yarn brands when I’m looking to knit something new. I’m very pleased today because Deramores have sent me an email with a voucher code for 15% off King Cole yarns. It’s valid until midnight on the 3rd of September 2014, you just have to type in KCOLE15 at the checkout to profit!

And even better, they’ve got 10% off of King Cole baby pattern books, which is good, but my son is now too big for baby patterns. I did find two very cute books for anyone who likes clothing with ears on it. Baby Book 4 has some very nice cable cardigans, cute hats, pompoms and things with ears, and booties and does go up to 7 years, but I’m out of money… And Baby Book 5 goes up to 18 months and is more traditional things with ears on them and again some booties. 

Just thought I’d share this with all of you.

A second attempt at the Heliopath Vest

I’ve not written anything here in ages, no real idea why either. I’ve been making things, just not finishing them.

I did finish a lost sock the other day, I did about half of it, put it down and couldn’t find it afterwards. How?! I don’t know… but I finished it the same day I found it.


This is now a pair! But I think my second is a few rows shorter. Or the stripes just don’t line up.

I love socks, they’re nice and simple. Fairly quick too and require a bit of concentration. This pair took from May until August to finish…

Currently I’m knitting a few things.
Willy socks.
A 1980s jumper.
Aaaand my heliopath Vest. Which is almost finished apart from the arm hole ribbing and the button bands.

But I’ve lost interest. I want to do other things.


I don’t know why either, it’s beautiful.

In a few weeks once I’ve done my current pair of socks, started yesterday, I think I’ll force myself to finish it.

I hope.

Finished! Queen Closer Shawlette


All hung up, nice and neat.

So I did it! Done! Finished! This is my edited version of the Queen Closer Shawlette pattern from Knit Now, issue 32. If you’ve got the magazine you’ll find it on page 72. I did change a few things with this though. The pattern, needles and the yarn. 

They used a 4ply, high twist yarn that had amazing stitch definition, and 4mm needles.I used a cheapy acrylic that cost £2.48 a ball, didn’t have great definition, but it was the colours I loved. I wanted to use it for something like a scarf, and this seemed a viable option. I used 4.5mm needles because it was a DK yarn.


And here’s the back view.


So the yarn? King Close Splash, I paid 2.48 a ball from an indie shop in Sussex when I was last on holiday in the UK, I got two. I believe the shade is called Sunshine. It comes as 100g balls, 290m. It is soft, and doesn’t have the annoying squeak of some acrylics. It’s not that fluffy, but stitch definition is a bit of a problem. The real reason I chose this yarn was for the colours, they were so bright and pretty. I had no idea what I wanted to make though. For the price I’d say this is a great yarn, but it won’t last as long as a cotton etc and I just don’t want to try machine washing it. I haven’t actually washed it yet, but I know it’ll be better when I do because it’ll szell slightly.

I did change a few things with this pattern, I did the short rows entirely in stocking stitch, and I had a longer garter stitch border, otherwise everything was pretty much the same. I did less of the pattern too when I worked out that it wasn’t going to make bricks, just a little lace. I then added another garter stitch border on the bottom of all that.

I’ve worn it a few times and the compliments are always great, either on the colour or the lace. The only thing I’m not keen on is the length, but if I wear it off my shoulders like a summer shawl shrug thing, it looks amazing. The other thing I do is turn it around and wear it as a bandana scarf.

So now I want to remake this shawl with one of those nice expensive sock yarns… But which colours…?


A close up of my lace.


A slightly different shot of the lace.


And it really does make an amazing scarf!

I washed it this morning and although it’s not yet dry it does seem a little bigger.

I don’t really have much else to say about this project or the yarn, so I’m going to finish up here. I just want to add that if you like this scarfy shawl, I’m selling it through Facebook until the end of July, but if it’s not gone by then I’m keeping it.

Current Project, STILL the Queen Closer Shawl

I’ve almost finished! Normally I start things, do about half and then move on to something else, but this? Almost finished!!!

I’m doing a border of garter stitch before I cast off, then it’ll be done, so by this weekend. If it’s a nice day I might even wear it to church on Sunday!


The shawl is in fact worked top to bottom, although the short rows and flat needles give it a strange appearance…


This is a shot of the lace pattern, sadly with this yarn it just looks like holes, pretty but not like the pattern photo. With a tightly spun yarn it looks like a brick laying pattern. I still love the effect though.

All the yarn and pattern details are in the last post I did on this shawl.

And I’m going to be teaching a knitting class! In French… I live in a structure for women who are in difficulty and would otherwise be homeless, my case, or somewhere worse. They used to run craft groups and a few other things, then a staff member retired and most of it stopped. A younger one took over the painting group so sometimes it stick runs, but she’s leaving this month too. I asked if I could run a knitting group, it’s been approved. Which I think is great because the writing, jewellery and other things have all stopped.

Now I’ve got to figure out how to teach this. I’m thinking blanket squares. We’ll make a throw for the foyer. Materials are thankfully provided. My plan is to teach them to knit first, doing a garter stitch square, then purl, a stocking stitch square. Knit together and slip slip knit with yarn overs after that then they’ll be able to amuse themselves.

Current project, Queen Closer Shawlette edit

I quickly touched on this in my last post, but sadly had no photos to share. It’s another work in progress but is advancing very quickly. I found this beautiful pattern in an issue of Knit Now and I still can’t find the perfect yarn… I have a good one but it was a £10 present so I wanted to make something similar but in. A cheaper yarn.

This is King Cole Splash. A 100% acrylic yarn that I bought two balls of from an independent yarn shop the last time I visited my mum. I couldn’t find anything to make and then someone jokingly said it would make a good scarf. I’m following the pattern to an extent, but I’ve tweaked it a few places already. Changing the yarn weight, the needle size and lengthening the garters stitch. So far it’s going great. I’ve almost finished the short rows!


I would normally do something like this on a circle needle, but I don’t have one in that size, I’m not having a problem with the flats yet, but they’re really not ideal. It makes photography difficult.


This is a closer shot of the yarn, I’ve had so many complements on the colours! People think it’s me striping it…

If you want this wool Deramores stock it, I usefully the shade sunshine. You can find it here.

Current project, Reach for the Stars Jumper


So you may remember that post I did about my yarn haul. Well the thing I was most excited to start was this jumper, which is still sitting unfinished in my cupboard. I know. I hate sewing up, it’s my main problem with knitting and every flat project is the same.

Before I used to live with my mum, and she used to darn my ends and sew my things up and I loved her for it. Well now she’s on the other side of the English Channel, and I’m kinda stuffed because now I have to sew up alone.

I did take jumper to her the last time I visited, she darned in the ends of the rocket pattern and complimented my choice of wool.


As you can see the instrata rocket would have had plenty of ends….

So all I actually have to do is sew on the buttons and sew part of the sleeves and the body, I just hate doing it so I keep forgetting.


However I did finish the twin for this sock, and I mean really finish, ends sewn in and everything! Knitting in the round is so much easier. Far less problematic! They’re going to be one of my mother’s birthday presents.

And I’ve started a shawl like scarf thing. I’m improvising a pattern from Knit Now to make it more like a scarf. I’m just using some acrylic I got from my birthday trip to the UK. It’s knitting quickly and in the three days since I started I’ve had so many compliments on the colours.

Otherwise the only new thing is that have glasses because my long distance vision is giving up. They’ve been kinda fun, and so useful when I’m out. Before I had trouble reading signs in the metro. Now everything is HD!

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